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We connect people to land and nature so each can heal the other. Join us for healing adventures in nature, cowgirl freedom, healthy living and good old fashion kitchen wisdom.

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

Casey Mazzucchi

Ariana is undoubtedly the most motivated woman I know. Her determination, drive and love for life are a source of power from which she creates in a unique way. As a teacher, she is direct and strong, offering a reflection to step up and into the life that you aspire to and bringing out the best in people who are ready to fly.


Ariana is a true renaissance woman, multi-talented as an artist,horsewoman, teacher, spiritual guide, land steward, spouse, mother, friend,animal lover/healer, community builder, entrepreneur. I have truly never met anyone else like her.  


"Your writing is always so right on, Ariana.  Tuned in and thought provoking. I so totally agree with everything you say. You are a light in the world right now. Thank you for being."

Pam, August 2020

Ariana is from another time. She draws from an ancient wisdom and at the same time represents new thinking.

Interconnectedness, healthy lifestyle, nature as healer

Our holisitc earth lifestyle

We believe in the interconnectedness of all things. It is time to simplify our lives and take time every day to thank the earth and all of her amazing gifts. We focus on a holistic Earth approach to healthy living that embraces our interdependence to land, animals, plants, weather and the invisible blessings of the web of life that we are a part of.

Natural, organic, low carbon footprint

We pride ourselves on living with a light footprint on Mother Earth. Our products are made with only organic, natural ingredients. We choose materials and products that are as locally produced as possible. We avoid plastics. We prefer recycled materials. We also minimize packaging on purpose.

We grow, we cook, we preserve

The food we grow is the food we love to eat. We are passionate land stewards with a deep appreciation of our wild plant and animal life that share our ranch with us. Our gardens are on the wild side, with plenty of wild herbs that partner with our cultivated plants, and nurture the bees and butterflies.  

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