Ag Preserve and Home of SkyHorse EGE™

Our SkyHorse EGE™ (Equine Guided Education) programs are taught by Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, pioneer of Equine Guided Coaching, and her team of SkyHorseEGE™ Coaches.

We believe in environmentally friendly living, ranching and farming. We enjoy sharing our beautiful, natural surroundings with guests in a variety of venues including educational programs, retreats, and vacation stays. Ariana and Casey Mazzucchi preserve and share our agricultural heritage with natural, organic wool products, 100% grass fed lamb, and permaculture gardens.

Locally Grown-Milled, & Made On The Ranch

Casari Ranch is one of the only ranches in California that produces wool bedding and home goods that are grown, mill and made right here on the ranch. Thus our products have almost no carbon footprint. We do not use any chemicals, synthetic oils, or acids in our processing. And we have the only 10’ needle loom on the west coast, allowing us to make wool fabrics, rugs, blankets, custom pads and art felts.

Visit our Casari Ranch Mercantile, (in downtown Point Arena just 1 mile from the ranch) in beautiful Mendocino County or our online store to purchase our wool bedding, rugs, fabrics, fibers, 100% grass fed lamb, seasonal ‘farm to table’ goods, and over 75 local artisans. We also enjoy making custom orders for bedding, rugs, art pieces, boat pads, pet pads and more, just give us a call at 707-882-1684 or shoot us an email at,

Casari Ranch Mercantile

250 Main Street
Downtown Point Arena, CA


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