(Formerly known as SkyHorse Ranch and Valley Ford Wool Mill) 

Casari Ranch, Home of Equine Guided Education™

and California Casari Wool™

We are proud to announce our new home, a 532 acre Ag preserve and wonderland on the Mendocino Coastline! Check out our unique offers combining our love of nature, sustainable living & healing arts

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi,

Founder of Equine Guided Education (EGE)

Ariana and her SkyHorse EGE™ have been providing leadership, coaching, and self-development programs since 1989. We focus on the principles of Intuitive Leadership™ because it contains all of the natural ingredients for creating a satisfying, balanced and fulfilling life. Our skilled staff and amazing natural landscapes are here to help you create new actions and pathways to care for yourself, your family and the earth.

We train coaches and leaders to embody the skills required to re-awaken people to their interconnected nature, their intuitive wisdom and living in balance with the Mother Earth. Given these challenging times, it’s paramount that we individually and collectively re-evaluate what it means to ‘live a good life’. It’s no longer enough to merely discuss our dilemmas or apply our traditional models of learning and logical perceptions. Now is a time to be a stand for change. We are truly unique because we incorporate biology, somatics, psychology, nature and EQ into a transformational learning paradigm.

It is no longer good enough to just heal humans. We focus on a Earth model; a holistic approach to healing that embraces our interconnected relationship to the land, animals, plants, weather and the invisible energetic communications of the web of life.  Whether you are interested in individual Equine Guided Coaching, Team Building or becoming a certified SkyHorse Equine Guided Educator we are here for you! Contact us now!

Casari Wool™ Locally Grown-Milled, & Made On Our Ranch

We are truly unique because we are one of the only ranches in the whole USA that produces wool bedding and home goods from our own Casari Wool™ that processed in our very own Wool Mill. Our products have virtually no carbon footprint. We do not use any chemicals, synthetic oils, or acids in our processing. We are also unique in that we have the only ten foot needle loom on the west coast, which allows us to make wool fabrics, rugs, blankets, custom pads and art felts.

Visit our Online Store or our Farm Stand & Store where you can purchase our wool bedding, rugs, fabrics, fibers, 100% grass fed lamb, seasonal ‘farm to table’ goods, and over 25 local artisans. We also enjoy making custom orders for bedding, rugs, art pieces, boat pads, pet pads and more, just give us a call at 707-882-1885 or shoot us an email at: store@casariranch.com.

Casari Ranch Mercantile

250 Main Street
Downtown Point Arena, CA