Equine Guided Education (EGE)

Ariana, the pioneer and founder of Equine Guided Education and her SkyHorse EGE™ team have been providing leadership, coaching, and self-development programs since 1989. Our skilled staff and amazing natural landscapes are here to help you create new actions and pathways to care for yourself, your family and the earth. Whether you are interested in individual Equine Guided Coaching, Team Building or becoming a certified SkyHorse Equine Guided Educator we are here for you! Contact us now!

We believe in the intercarandcasatsparks2016onnected of all things.

We believe that humans are the designated ones to find true balance with the Mother Earth.

We believe that by bringing people to land and nature, each can heal the other.

It is time to simplify, to get closer to the earth and all of her amazing gifts.

It is no longer good enough to just heal humans. We focus on a Earth model; a holistic approach to healing that embraces our interconnected relationship to the land, animals, plants, weather and the invisible energetic communications of the web of life.

We invite you to join our new A-GAIA-CULTURE MOVEMENT!

Casari Ranch™ | “In the News”

A Greener World: Casari Ranch Awarded Top Grassfed & Animal Welfare Certification

story & photo from A Greener World

Casari Ranch™ in Point Arena, California, recently became the first farm in Mendocino County to be awarded AGW’s top Grass-fed and Animal Welfare Certification, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and sustainability.

“Sheep is Life” at Casari Ranch

story & photos by Mary Charlebois

Turning east on Curly Lane from Hwy 1 just south of Point Arena, a gravel lane crosses rolling hills and pastures bordered by forest and wetlands. Groups of sheep graze meadows and laze in the shade of Cypress trees. Horses roam in the distance. Turning into the ranch driveway, chickens forage near the wool mill. Rambunctious Terrier puppies bark and chase my truck to the ranch house. Raised garden beds are filled with culinary and medicinal herbs. The scene is bucolic.

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June 5, 2018 – August 14, 2018

EGE-1: Equine Guided Somatics™
June 20–24, 2018 – Bodega, CA (Sonoma County), 1 hr. north of San Francisco
August 20–24, 2018 – Colorado
Sept 12–16, 2018 – Bodega, CA (Sonoma County), 1 hr. north of San Francisco
Oct 15–19, 2018 – Bodega, CA (Sonoma County), 1 hr. north of San Francisco

EGE-2: Equine Guided Coaching™
October 22–26, 2018

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