Horse Lessons with Ariana-virtual or in person - Casari Farm & Garden

Horse Lessons with Ariana-virtual or in person

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“The true unity and willing communication between the horse and me is not something that can be handed to someone. It has to be learned. It has to come from the inside of a person and the inside of a horse. Mind, body and spirit."
--Tom Dorrance


Ariana offers a lifetime of experience as a horse trainer and riding instructor. She has been a professional equestrian in dressage, three day eventing, reining, working cowhorse and gymkhana. She is available for in person and online mentoring in Intuitive Horsemanship™. 

Horsemanship is an art that can be practiced and refined for a lifetime. Ariana opens up a whole new way of understanding horses that is universal to any method of horsemanship. Re-discover the magic and lightness of being with horses.

Intuitive Horsemanship™ develops your relationship with horses in a somatically grounded and respectful way. 

If you can't make it to an in person lesson, you can send video clips of your time and sessions with horses, she can offer loads of feedback and training tips.