We offer a variety of homesteading services

Whether you are just getting started or need some consultation and repair, we are here for you.

From real estate transactions to building, repairing, arena installation, gardens, labyrinths and fire breaks, Ariana and Casey provide a wealth of experience as lifelong ranchers. Ariana has extensive experience as a professional equestrian, gardener and rancher and has degree in zoology.  She has developed several equestrian facilities, retreat centers, vineyards, orchards, gardens over the years and has purchased/sold twenty real estate transactions of her own. She knows well the complexities and emotional roller coaster of buying and selling a home.

She has a lifetime of local knowledge of land, ranch living, farm to table Ag, and animal husbandry in Marin, Mendocino and Sonoma County. As a successful business owner and leadership coach since 1984, she brings excellent listening skills, organization skills, patience and follow through. She has put in orchards, vineyards, gardens, fences, pastures, horse barns and arenas.

Casey born and raised 5th generation sheep rancher and brings a career in building and construction to the Casey and Ariana team (Casari). He has built miles of fences, barns, arenas, round pens, building pads, foundations, clean rooms, general building construction, complete home repair, dairy barn repairs, fire trails and more. He grew up learning how to operate heavy equipment with his father. He and his team can pretty much make and repair anything, his natural wisdom of wood, metal, cement, dirt and plants is apparent in his construction. His patience and solidness is an extra special bonus.

We offer the following services:

    • Real estate sales with Ariana, BRE#: 02033132
    • Barn and fence design, installation, and repair
    • Arenas, round pens, pastures
    • Labyrinths
    • Excavation services including dirt moving, grading, gravel
    • Building pads
    • Compost areas
    • Trenches for water and electric, or French drains
    • Garden boxes and paths
    • Tree planting
    • Fire breaks
    • Walking/riding trails
    • Brush removal and small trees
    • Firewood
    • Wood milling
    • Concrete work and foundations
    • Welding 

"I worked with Casey on an extensive fencing job an animal rescue in Sonoma. He and his crew were great to work with and extremely patient as we had to make several changes over the course of the project. We used white-vinyl fencing and they were extremely detail oriented to make sure all the fencing lines matched up even when there were slopes on the property. Casey was great at communicating and he and his crew completed the job on time. I highly recommend them!"

                                                              ---Paloma, Charlie's Acres

"I couldn't recommend Ariana more highly.  She has the professionalism, knowledge, communication skills and demeanor that are essential for guiding a client through one of life's most stressful but potentially joyful events of buying a property.  Many times as I pull into the driveway of our beautiful, coastal vacation home, I say a silent thanks to Ariana for helping make our dream a reality."                                             -----Mark & Julia Godley

Round Pen 
Welding-Fence repair at Brazil Dairy, 2020 
White vinyl with non climb fence-Charlie's Acres 2018
Arena in Bodega
Parkilet in San Francisco
Parkilet in San Francisco