Time with horses, like time in nature, calms the soul and brings us effortlessly to the present moment. These times require us to re-evaluate who we are and what is important to us.

As a Master Somatic Coach and Visionary Leader since 1989, I am seeing an increased need for self care, simplifying our lifestyles, and adapting a resilient approach to these uncertain times. I love working outdoors and with horses, because our whole body, our somatic self is engaged.

 I am here to help you move through transitions and create the success and satisfaction in life you're looking for. My skills are unique, successful and out of the box. For group or private engagements for your business and/or teams contact me directly for a quote.


Many people experience a sense of magic when around horses. This can simply be a feeling of lightness of being, or a sense of spiritual freedom: a place where there is no beginning and no end. Magic is an experience of possibility and synchronicity, where what wants to happen can happen. Anything is possible when magic is present.

“What Ariana revealed to me  through Equine Guided Education, continues to shape how I extend myself into this world daily. I highly recommend Ariana as a coach, mentor and teacher to anyone seeking illuminating truths through working with horses for professional/personal development." Lucinda Newman, Pathfinders

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Equine Guided Somatics™ COURSE

Expand your senses, let your intuition out to play, experience the somatic wizardry of horses, and get re-connected to nature. With these complex times, it's imperative that we simplify our lives and align our actions to our values. It is time for sustainability in our lives (self-care, community, agriculture, health, global economy, and education).  Ariana brings over thirty years of mastery in Somatic Coaching and has worked with people from all walks of life, including, executive leaders,  entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, healers, and veterans. Some of her clients include Kaiser, Pfizer, Facebook, Salesforce, Institute of Womens Leadership, PSI Seminars, Generative Leadership, Nike, and many more.  This program is out of the box and has successfully transformed thousands of people's lives!

“It’s been over a year since I took the EGS-1 program, and I still vividly remember my time at SkyHorse EGE™. Our group was expertly facilitated by the horses and by Ariana, who has an amazing ability to ask the right question at the right time for maximum learning. I am still amazed at what I took away from the workshop, and buoyed by the growth and understanding of myself. Thank you!“ Amy Kohut, Director, Cornell Team & Leadership Center, Cornell University

Listen To Your Intuition In this program, you will develop your deeper intuitive listening, and re-connect to what has heart and meaning for you now.

Awaken Your Life Force Connect to your passions, the things that make you happy and enlightened. Design a new plan of self care and healthy relations.

Live With Purpose Let go of your outdated perspectives, reconnect to your passions, and find new actions for moving forward successfully.

The Heart Of The Matter Horses help us get to the heart of the matter in minutes versus the months it can take in traditional therapy and coaching sessions. How? It's simple, they don't care about our limiting beliefs buried in years of doubt. They listen to what wants to awaken inside of us, our spiritual calling.

Transformative Change  Because the horses engage with our non verbal body language and cues they help us re-configure our somatic presence so that our new perspectives actually become embodied instead of remaining just good ideas.

Attendees include coaches, Equine professionals, therapists, shamans, animal communicators, leaders and anyone interested in developing themselves professionally and personally.

This Course is Part 1 of The Equine Guided Coach Certification Program

If you are interested in the SkyHorse EGE™ Certification Program, this course teaches you the fundamental principles of the EGE process. Learning by doing is the best way to build your skill.  At the same time you are developing your own embodied presence and goals for your life and work.


Equine Guided Education Certification COURSE


Our certification program is relevant for educators, coaches, horse trainers, equestrians, teachers, college students, artists, therapists, shamans, healers, and other individuals who are or who want to incorporate horses into their professional offers.

Ariana has been training people in the power of horse as healer/teacher since the mid 1990's. Graduates from her certification program not only go through their own powerful transformation, but are able to provide EGE for their customers to create sustainable change in their lives. Together we are making a difference for veterans, youth at risk, families and people from all walks of life.

Our certification program will give you the confidence, knowledge and experience required to incorporate horses into your professional offer. We teach you how to think, how to trust yourself and your horses, and how to navigate in a wide variety of situations. This program is guaranteed to change your relationship with horses to a mutually satisfying partnership where you become one unity of presence and purpose.