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2022 Wellness Programs

We've combined Holistic Somatics™ with the magic, healing abilities of horses to create a unique healing, nourishing place to reconnect to yourself and what matters most. Let go of the old stories and pains that are holding you back from moving forward in your life and a new future.

This course is particularly relevant for our times. How to overcome the chronic stress of Covid anxiety, and all the other adrenally fatiguing stressors of these times. Horses have a magical ability to help us to move somatic and/or energetic stuck or stagnant clogs in our Chi fields. Let go of the old paradigms, the old hurts, find hope and new passion for life. Whether you just need some ‘healing time’ or you’re ready to ‘move forward’, this program offers you authentic, grounded and practical conversations, practices and even unexpected new paradigms and shifts in consciousness.

No horse experience required.