Celebrating the new release of Black Beauty! "LIVE FROM CASARI RANCH" A Joint Fundraising Party for Casari rescue horses and Wild Beauty Foundation

Black Beauty Fundraising Party

Date: Saturday, November 14th 2020
Time: 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET


You are invited to an afternoon celebration with Wellness Cowgirl, Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi and Wild Beauty Foundation founder, Ashley Avis LIVE from Casari Ranch! We'll kick off our virtual party with Ashley sharing what inspired her to write and direct the new Disney+ release, Black Beauty, streaming November 27, set in modern times and with a wild mustang as the heroine voiced by Kate Winslet. She’ll also share how she stood her ground to keep her vision of Black Beauty’s message.
We want you to be a part of our collective viewing of coming soon clips of Black Beauty! Black Beauty has returned now, in these times for a reason. Together we can help her share her inspirations far and wide.
We’ll be offering live chat spaces for how Black Beauty influenced you and how her message is more relevant now than ever. We’ll even select a few snippets of pre-recorded inspirations of Black Beauty and rescue horses. Weather permitting, we’ll be outside with the Casari herd for a truly real experience. This party will be recorded and post party notes will be sent out to all participants. We’ll be collecting participants comments, chats and how you too have been inspired by Black Beauty.
Ashley will kick off the next part of our party with how making the movie inspired her to go on to create a non-profit education, advocacy and rescue foundation, Wild Beauty Foundation (WBF), and a new documentary she’s working on toc call attention to the plight of wild and domestic horses that end up in kill pens.
Ariana and Ashley will share their adventures rescuing 19 horses from a kill pen in TX including our amazing horse rescue team that helped bring 4 of them home to Casari Ranch where they will be adopted out to loving homes. Ariana will share how Equine Guided Education empowers all horses, especially rescue horses to not only have a new purpose, but how they can heal broken hearts, old wounds and help us to find sanity in these precarious times. She’ll share how her career as a horse trainer has transformed into a 30+ year journey to share the ‘horse as healer’ versus beast of burden.
We’ll wrap up our party with live questions to Ariana and Ashley, plus random giveaways of signed copies of Anna Sewell's Black Beauty by Ashley, and Ariana's Equine Guided Education book.
Uncork a bottle of wine, sit back, and be part of our herd to rescue horses so they can share their amazing beauty and magic.