Equine Guided Education Certification Program

We know from experience that to incorporate horses into your professional offer requires additional education. Bringing horses into educational and learning models, creates a whole new set of complexities and unknowns. Our certification program will give you the confidence, knowledge and experience required to incorporate horses into your professional offer. We teach you how to think, how to trust yourself and your horses, and how to navigate in a wide variety of situations.

  • For new people coming into this field, you do not have to know exactly how you plan to incorporate horses into your work in order to enter our certification program. You will gain that clarity during the program and upon completion have a concrete sense of how you want to incorporate horses into your offer. We will also help you determine what continuing education you need to be successful and confident in your work.
  • For seasoned professionals, avoid the-4-6 year learning curve it will take for you to figure this work out on your own. If you have already received training in the EAGALA or EPONA models, this program will expand on what you already know and continue to develop your skill and competency.
  • Participants of the certification program come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Our goal is to encourage you to expand on your existing skills as well as learn new skills. We are not focused on one particular methodology, but rather on the universal application of what horses can offer to healing and teaching models. You will be able to retain your current terminology and methods with an expanded vocabulary, understanding and knowledge of horses, humans and the learning process.
  • This is a learning-by-doing program so you will not only learn how to incorporate horses into your offer you will come away with clear goals, a plan of action for your business, confidence and new perspectives on horse/human nature, life and learning.
  • One important component that makes our Equine Guided Education Program unique is that we incorporate the somatic (non-verbal) and biological dynamics that make this work possible. We focus on developing your ability to observe, recognize, and articulate the non-verbal/body language dynamics of the horse(s), yourself as the facilitator (translator) and your client.
  • We respect the horse as our trusted guide, not a tool to be used.
  • The certification program is comprised of Online Principles & Practices of SkyHorse EGE™, Equine Guided Somatics™ (EGS) and a 10 day in person instruction in Equine Guided Coaching™ (EGC)  with a focus on EGE experiential learning, leading practice sessions and supervision in refining coach/facilitation skills, intuitive listening, somatic awareness, non-verbal body language, EGE exercises, business planning, choosing horses, facility design, and much more.