The Ranch

Ariana picking flowers

Casari Ranch is a 408 acre biodynamic, diverse working ranch in what feels like a remote, private location, yet less than an hour from the San Francisco Bay Area. It's easy to let the pressures of the world fall away as you drive down the quiet lane on the way to the ranch, naturally preparing you for a serene transition to one of the most quiet, private ranches in Sonoma county. As you drive over the bridge you arrive at our antique apple orchard taking you to another era in time. A time when life was simple, and the earth held the bounty of health at your fingertips. Our thunderbird, bear and salmon totem pole welcome you to our protected space where time stands still. You can still feel grandma putting up the summer’s bounty of apples in the old canning cabin at the orchard’s edge.

The ranch features 200+ acres of pastureland with an ocean view and a dramatic view of the Bodega town with the old white church that was in the movie 'The Birds'. Down in the valley we have an antique apple orchard with over 50 heirloom apple trees providing a peaceful haven and tons of apples in the fall. We also grow medicinal herbs including echinacea, chamomile, nettles, horsetail, cleavers, korean mint, horehound, mullein and many more including some exotic chinese medicinal plants.