Ranch living at its best!


 Ariana is an inspiring cowgirl true at heart, rooted in ancient wisdom of plants, animals and the natural world, with a hint of contemporary humor. She offers her knowledge and experience of coastal living, natural habitat honor systems, and good ole' country living from cooking with garden's gifts to making preserves, herbal medicines, and foraging both wild and garden grown treasures. Her passion is to encourage people to heal themselves and the earth, in a beautiful reciprocal way, for our children and our grandchildren and our other four, two legged, flying and swimming members of our Mother Earth Family.

Ariana, is a zoologist, horse trainer, internationally known Master Somatic Coach, founder of Equine Guided Education and author of several books. 

Casey is a solid, quiet, gentle giant of a man. He is a 5th generation sheep rancher and knows land and animals from an innate experience, growing up along one of the last pristine lands coming to rest at the estero on the way to the sea. Animals and people love him. They flock to his presence, because he is solid ground in a crazy world, he's calming to be around, and he is a natural teacher of life, of family and deep compassion. He can make anything and has a creativity that is ancient and to be admired and learned from in modern time. 

Our Store Philosophy

Our goal is to help people learn how to live healthy, balanced lives in the mind/body/spirit way. Just as important to us is to support new lifestyle choices that support a respect for the earth, which can be as simple as living more simply, consuming less by purchasing quality goods, and taking time to learn how and where their food, clothing and home goods are made to make the best choice possible for supporting local, organic, and sustainably made products. The balance of taking care of oneself and paying attention to our consumerism will do wonders to help bring us back into balance with our Great Mother. The task of learning and being more resourceful (using less materials) is a fun and creative process and we invite you to join us on this adventure.

The purpose of our store is to provide you with our favorite functional goods, including foods, clothing, textiles, and home accessories. Everything in our store has a purpose, something we need. Even the jewelry and felt animals we showcase are carefully selected for their uniqueness, and ability to create a positive mood and feelings of balance.

Our staff of loyal, committed people are always looking for functional goods that are as local, organic and sustainably made as possible. We take many things into consideration including how products are grown, manufactured and subsequently packaged. For example, we ask our artisans to package their crafts minimally and with no plastics. We make a few exceptions in packaging only when we cannot find a better alternative.

In addition, we pay careful attention the ethical philosophy of the people and companies making them. While there are many products we like, and the company’s philosophy is progressive, if we can find a similar product locally made, that will always be our first choice, which takes into consideration the product’s carbon footprint as well.

We enjoy custom projects and returning to a simpler business model, where we work with our customers depending on their needs, rather than filling our store with fluff and dazzle. So if you don't see something in our store and would like us to consider it, please let us know. We love to share ideas and ways to be creatively simple.