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If you are looking for a fun, smart, family dog, good with kids, chickens and livestock, then these rat terriers are the best.

We love these dogs. They aim to please. And they are so funny! We laugh all day. All of our customers who have them, friends included, love their dogs too. They say without a doubt, these dogs are 'the best dog I have ever had'. Our friends and neighbors often take 2, one for him and one for her. 

They even catch rats and mice and even gophers. They can be you're 'go to work' dog, your lap dog, your babysitter dog, or your overall companion and best friend. We have 8 of them....and they each have their role on our farm.

These dogs are not to be compared to Jack Russell Terriers, they are way more mellow and solid minded. Take it from me, Ariana, as I have worked at veterinary clinics as a young adult for many years and have been a rancher for over 30 years now, and these are my favorite dogs.

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