Where we are going in 2021


What a year it has been. While we all wish the hard times are over, let’s prepare for ‘high surf warnings’. As many of you know I am an optimist, and yet I like to prepare for the worst. Even when things are hard, I look for the silver lining. Looking back on 2020, myself and many of us have had to look with great care at 'what we care about most' and how we can and need to simplify our lives.

The year has also emphasized the need for 'self care' which is a common topic we talk about in our equine guided programs, but has taken on a much more significant meaning that is going to be even more relevant for 2021.

Forecast for 2021 includes people relocating, more stretching of our emotional intelligence and more opportunities for ‘in the moment’ resilience building. If you’re focused on ‘why is this happening to me?’ you’ll lose vital life force Energy at the time you need it most. Let go of any concept of going back to normal. There is no such thing as normal. We’re on the game of life, which I liken to the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, sometimes delightfully fun and sometimes scary as all get out.

Rather than focus on trying to put a bandaid on a life (and our current system of meanings) that is all but washed away by the metaphoric tsunami of 2020, focus on the new freedom that comes with living simply. Focus on ‘Where is the silver lining’?


  • Focus on the most important things and people in your life
  • Look for ways and things to let go of
  • Focus on dramatic ‘self care’ and building your immunity
  • Find the courage to 'let go' of old stories of what it means to be successful
  • Call forward your imagination and creativity to start a new blank canvas for your life moving forward
  • Take some quiet time to listen to your intuitive self and intentionally journal about your opportunities and challenges for 2021

Where we are now at Casari Ranch

As you may already know, my Equine guided business took a big hit in 2020. I was not able to offer any in person programs this year. And at Casari, our camping and farm tours also were put on hold. My lesson; our emphasis on agritourism is on hold and not a viable income stream at this time. I honestly never thought that offering a local, healthy experience would take such a dramatic re-direction. Lesson learned. And yet, I can find new ways to evolve and stay true to who I am and what I believe in.


We have the beginnings of our new Casari Ranch online store with Shopify. We’ll still feature artisan farm goods and wool bedding and some of our other favorite, timeless essentials for healthy living. I do love to share the bounties of the ranch and this is a creative way for me to continue to do so. So stay tuned for more uplifting products from nature.


After much deep thought and the same challenging and imagining opportunities like I mentioned above, I feel really good about letting you know that I am going to put more emphasis on my real estate business this year. I originally got my real estate license when we were in Pt. Arena and sold homes in Sea Ranch. Why? I’ve always been a real estate enthusiast (having bought and sold 20 properties over the last 20+ years). I think I’ve seen over half of the ranches in west county, either as a professional horse trainer, friend of a rancher, or looking at properties that are for sale.

I’ve always loved land and nature and ‘connecting to place’. So, being able to help people buy or sell their home/farm/ranch is an exciting opportunity for me to be of service to my local community to help families and individuals find their new place and to streamline their life in the way that works best for them. It fits well with my vision to help people re-connect to their sense of place and what has heart and meaning.

I got accepted to be an agent at Compass!

My lifetime experience as a rancher, professional equestrian, land steward and coastal resident is a huge asset that I bring to my clients. Compass is one of the most respected real estate companies in the country and has some of the best technology, making real estate transactions smoother than ever before. I love their professional approach and know I can now offer my community the best real estate service.

As a Compass agent I can help sellers get a loan (no payments/no interest) to do improvements and staging to better sell their home, plus some private exclusive listings that will never hit the market. With Compass’s state of the art tools and my real estate experience, local knowledge and success as a business woman, I am confident I can help you, your family and friends in your real estate purchase and sales. Even if you are not ready to make a move, I can offer local market trends and help you get educated about your real estate options. Please pass on my contact information and if you are ready to make your move, give me a call.  707-338-9817 Ariana.Mazzucchi@compass.com.

Casey’s Construction Services

Casey’s construction services are expanding to help our local community with their farm/ranch projects. He’s been busy with fence building, barn repair and building, parklet construction for a friend’s restaurant, and a total renovation of our orchard house. I love watching him create! And his work is always so solid and strong, just like he is. I really feel like our love of place, combined with each of our unique skill sets helps us support our local community in a very relevant way. We are adapting, and making more explicit some of the ways we can be of service.

Skyhorse EGE is now on our new SkyHorse Academy site

I am also very excited on the forward movement of the SkyHorse Equine guided programs, even though we’ve been stalled in offering in person programs for almost a year now. The silver lining in this is that I’ve finally settled on a web platform that allows me to not only offer Equine Guided programs in person and virtually, but to also offer other complimentary courses ranging from self-development to continuing education. I finally get to collaborate, network and offer a very special variety of the best of the best of my favorites-that match my philosophical values and ethics.

Whooo, you’re probably thinking that is a lot,,,, but I am happy to say that that is actually streamlining. Haha. We’re not actually adding anything new. We are making more explicit what we’ve been up to and what we are now focusing on. We’d love to hear from you how you are streamlining your life and what your ‘silver lining’ is.

 PS. We’ll be sending out a brief survey soon so you can select in or out of different e-news updates. Basically we have narrowed it down to EGE (equine guided education and coaching), farm events (for our local folks), and our Newsletter (if you like to keep up to date with our blog and all of it).


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