What does the forest say!

It’s been four months since I sent out a newsletter. I've been waiting for some wise thought to cross my desk. In truth, there have been so many, but I've been in the field of flowers and sun and wind with no pen and paper. I feel like an innocent child chasing the butterfly so that it could just land on my hand for a moment so we could say, “Hi!”

My rational mind tries to keep up. But before it can organize, quantify and categorize my spirit's experience, another brilliant flash of beauty from nature distracts my senses away from the rational cage of ‘reason’. And so, I am left wordless, yet full of life filled with bright illuminating rainbows and new feelings vividly navigating from inside of me to the earth, and back and forth we go.

I’ll keep it simple for now, perhaps you too have been in and out of the meadows of your imagination. There may be dark and light, moments of peace, emotional clashes, feelings of sadness and pain, all glistening on the surface of stars, all calling you, inviting you into your own creative freedom. As David Whyte, the poet, says, “The poet tries to articulate the inarticulate.” I invite you into that creative exploration beyond words, if you let your imagination out to play, what would your meadow say? What would be in your open field right there ready for you to see, touch and feel?”

Let go of those old burdens. Your animal body knows where you are, and knows that you are planted on the earth. Can you let go of the need to do anything other than 'be'?

Is it time to let go of that covid stress and begin living again? If so, we'd love to have you join us.


"The back gate is open!" the horses whisper! It opens into a new field of possibility. One ready for your imagination. If you are not sure where to go, the horses will find you. They will help you find your 'new' inner voice--your intuitive guide--to get you onto on a new path of your own design. We have a few spaces left this coming week in our Horses Healing Humans, May 14-16, 2021.


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