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  • Upside down on unseen threads - a time for ‘Nimble Grace'

    The, larger than a ladybug, spider hangs upside down on her intricate, yet unseen thread, dangling just above the water’s surface. Her extra long legs, three times the length of her slender figure, are barely seen by the naked eye. The one thread she purposefully strides along (still upside down) traverses the entire width of the coy pond.

  • The Estuary as metaphor for these tumultuous times

    I’ve been contemplating how to work with the concept of Resilience. It’s a word being used alot these days and yet what does it really mean? How do you do it? As you may already know I write a lot about water, and how it its always moving and changing. The way of water is rich in metaphor for how we can navigate these times.
  • What does the forest say!

    It’s been four months since I sent out a newsletter. I've been waiting for some wise thought to cross my desk. In truth, there have been so many, but I've been in the field of flowers and sun and wind with no pen and paper. I feel like an innocent child chasing the butterfly so that it could just land on my hand for a moment so we could say, “Hi!"
  • Where we are going in 2021

    What a year it has been. While we all wish the hard times are over, let’s prepare for ‘high surf warnings’. As many of you know I am an optimist, and yet I like to prepare for the worst. Even when things are hard, I look for the silver lining. Looking back on 2020, myself and many of us have had to look with great care at 'what we care about most' and how we can and need to simplify our lives.


  • What's the hidden meaning? The power of meaning when you have no control

    I am preparing for loss. Are you? You may have already experienced loss as the tragedy of the Corona Virus 19 rages around the world taking innocent bystanders in its grip. My heart hurts for the nurses, doctors and first responders (and all of the health professionals) who are in the trenches trying to save even those who are unsaveable.
  • Give Yourself Permission Already

    January came and went; rainy, soggy, not as much sun as summer, eating more than I work off, praying more and just resting more. I’m trying to relish the slower pace, the fireplace, and finishing stupid little projects I put off until a wet winter day. How about you?
  • Some Winter Testimonials

    Your ranch is such an incredible and healing place! Thank you for making it feel like home. We had the Best time!...Ann, Camile and Jake “What a tr...