Be the Change you want to see in the world! It’s time to come into right relations with self, other and the earth. Horses offer us profound, unique access to our deeper intuition and calling and help us find the courage we need to step into our authentic conversations in order to find the new path that is awaiting us. Ariana adds to this program nature’s wisdom and animal guides to help you transition to into your new life with grace. The time is NOW.

Horse Sense for the Leader Within (EGE-1)

(aka Leadership & Horses™ serving people for over 20 years and counting)

(Open to individuals who want to deepen their knowledge and skill in the horse as healer/teacher profession, animal communication and land based wisdom and for individuals who want to immerse themselves in-depth learning of a somatic and spiritual nature, find clarity and create change in their lives.)

Dream into Reality the Next Chapter of your life


With these complex and changing times, it is more imperative now, than ever, to face into our dilemmas, ‘clean house’, and align our values to our actions. It is time to stand for new paradigms for sustainability on so many levels (self-care, community, agriculture, health, global economy, education, etc.). Equine Guided Education (EGE) is about a way of being in the world in which we re-learn how to trust our intuition, listen to our deeper calling and take a stand for change. This program has been helping people get reconnected to their passion and purpose for over 20 years. The 5 day model is ideal for integrating new goals and moving forward with clear vision and action.

It’s a natural part of life to find oneself, at some unexpected point in time, at a new intersection-a place where we ask ourselves the questions,


“Am I living the life I am destined to live?

What do I need to do differently to get back in a flow in my life?”


Horses have an uncanny, even magical, ability to reflect the deeper inner-workings of our psyche and spiritual longing helping us reconnect to what is important to us on a personal and professional level. They share their compassionate heart in such a profound way that we can let go of outdated concepts about who we should be and how we should live, allowing us to re-find our creative imagination so that we can dream into reality the next chapter of our life.

Interacting with horses allows us to gain profound insights into where we are in right alignment with our values and intentions and where old stories or habits of thinking and behaving are now interfering with our ability to flow effectively in our relationships and life purpose. Through interactive exercises with horses we begin to refine our goals and practice more effective ways of being in our lives. The focus of this program is not on learning horsemanship skills. It is about getting back in touch with our curious, imaginative self, connecting to what has heart and meaning, and creating new perspectives for living our life on purpose.


Horses deconstruct our narrow human interpretations about what it means to be a ‘leader’ of one’s life.


They teach us that leadership is not about the ‘command and control’ leader, the boss, or the ‘dominant one’. But rather that leadership is about taking responsibility for how our life is turning out and allowing ourselves to be shaped by the world around us so that we can be of best service to ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. A person who is leading their life on purpose doesn’t walk through life knowing all the answers, but rather deals with many difficult dilemmas along her path. She develops her self-confidence along the way; often taking courageous leaps as she travels new ground. Her presence, authenticity, intention and determination are the ingredients for achieving her goals and being of value to others.

Join other like-minded participants in guided inquiry, reflection, reconnecting to land and nature, thinking outside the box and creating new perspectives about your life and work.